PETF Cards (High quality long lasting cards)

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With a core made of PETF material, these cards are stronger and more durable than standard PVC cards and work well in high-use applications or when lamination is required.

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The PETF material makes the card stronger and more durable than a standard 100% PVC card. PETF cards work well in high-use applications, where the cards have a barcode or a magnetic stripe used for access control, time and attendance, or payment. Any application that requires frequent card swiping would use a PETF card.
The PETF material is tear-proof. The inherent quality of the PET material is a much more resistant substrate than PVC.
PETF cards are more flexible than standard PVC ones, which makes them less likely to crack or warp in extreme temperatures. For example, they are recommended for use at ski areas or when laminating a card. The core of these cards is made of chlorine-free PET material, with a lower environmental impact compared to PVC material. Tested and validated by Evolis R&D and Quality departments, these consumables bring you printing quality and reliability.

Storage information

The cards shall be capable of functioning for up to 2 years after purchase if stored in a cool, dry
environment and having remained unopened from the original packaging.
The temperature of storage must be between 15-30°C and at RH between 10-60%.
Once opened, avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity, and high temperatures.
Do not place near solvent or other chemicals.

Instructions for use

In order to optimize the printing quality and card durability:

  • Do not use cards that have been damaged, folded, or dropped on the floor.
  • Do not touch the printable surface of the cards in order to preserve the print quality


• Composite cards: core in PETF with overlay layers in PVC on both sides
• Blank white – Mirror finish
• Compliant with ISO CR-80 (ISO 7810) standards
• Dimension: 85.6 mm Length x 54 mm Width (3 3/8’’ x 2 1/8’’)
• Thickness: 0.76 mm / 30 MIL (Part Number C3001)
• Cards lifespan: 5/10 years


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