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Duralabel Toro

The touch-screen DuraLabel Toro - self-contained and portable.

Built tough...

The tough Toro is ready to work anywhere you are. With label supplies built for any season or surface, you can print labels to withstand blistering sun or be seen in low light. You can label surfaces from -196C° to 148C°. Wet surfaces, oily surfaces, dirty surfaces – you name it – even areas with harsh chemicals that make other labels streak, shrivel or dissolve. Toro is ready to leave its mark.

DID 345C

Our most versatile unit can can print alsmost any label you require. This 300dpi unit can print on a wide range of materials. It is used for cable and wire identification, heat shrink sleeves in ladder or continuous format, continuous labels, asset labels, print and laminate labels or special engraving label. Whether you are in the panel manufacturer or oil and gas plant or you need to print vial and tube labels in a laboratory the DID345 unit can help you realize you identification needs.

We recommend Nicelabel software as labeling software with this unit.

Duralabel PRO300

Read the fine print

The DLP 300 provides 300 dots per inch of high-definition printing so that lines are sharper, small print is easier to read and images are more saturated than cheaper printers with 200 dpi. Whether you're printing half-inch labels, wire wraps, or four-inch wide high-visibility signs, your message will resist chemicals, abrasion and smears.

Duralabel BRONCO

Bronco uses the same supply as Toro so you can double your output while saving money. The same supply can be used for facilities that have Bronco as their stationary printer in one location, or for workers taking the portable Toro out in the field.

Printer is supplied with free safety software to design pipe markers, GHS labels, Arf flash labels ...

Duralabel LOBO

Switch it on, type, and push print—you just made a custom label. 

Full of label-creation tools

Sequenced barcodes, large or small text and more than 1,200 safety and health symbols at your fingertips.

No cords needed. When fully charged, the battery provides three hours of uninterrupted printing, which equals several days of normal printing use.

Large format printer units upto 250mm


Need to make a big statement?

Be seen from far and wide with the DL9000. You can print signs and labels at widths of 100, 150, 175, 200 and 225mm in high-definition 300-dpi output, at any length you need, even up to several feet. Using the tiling function, you can go ahead and print a billboard.


Print Multicolor Signs ... 

Customize extra-wide visual communication to best suit your facility’s needs. Draw awareness to hazardous areas or help improve the flow of operations with bigger than ever signage. Choose the size of your messages from 100 mm - 254 mm  wide signs, and up to 2.4 meter long.

VLP300 Automated vial label printer

This printer is specially designed to label vials an tubes in the laboratory world and is a unique machine . Linmiting mistakes by writing and saveing tame by the automatic application of labels give the researcher free hands to focus on his real work. Watch the product movie and quicly click the button to see what is in the shop.

Spent more time on your research and less time labeling, the VLP printer increases productivity and reduces errors.

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