Generic Hologram Varnish Ribbon – 400 prints / roll

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The holographic varnish ribbons allow the application of a hologram, which is an optical variable design, on your card in a form of a transparent layer. Thanks to these ribbons, you add security to your cards. A hologram is not possible to duplicate and simplifies the examination process.

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Generic Holographic Varnish Films bring you more security: your cards are protected against forgeries and falsification. Tested and validated by Evolis R&D and Quality departments, these consumables bring you quality and reliability.

Generic holograms are not recommended for high-security card programs. Adding security to your badge can require a custom and unique hologram design. In addition to this generic offer, Evolis proposes Custom Hologram Solutions. Managed as a special project at Evolis, custom hologram films will be designed according to your company's requirements. This is the guarantee that it will not be sold by anyone else.


  • Holographic varnish ribbons in PET
  • For single or dual-sided protection
  • Edge-to-edge covering
  • Compatible with PVC or composite cards
  • Not compatible with smart contact cards or magnetic stripe cards
  • Generic Hologram: artwork already created and composed by security features level 2.


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