Thermal Transfer Ribbons

S2393 Miniature circuit breaker lockout (3 PCS), universal fit - Industrial Labelling supplies

We have 3 types of thermal ribbon

  1. Wax ribbons print dark, crisp images at a range of energy and speed settings. They offer a versatile, cost-effective option for printing on tags and both coated and uncoated papers.
  2. Wax/resin ribbons are formulated with a higher proportion of resin. They are especially useful for achieving sharp quality on low-end synthetics like polypropylene, top-coated vinyl, polyethylene, and polystyrene.
  3. Full-resin ribbons are the most versatile, capable of printing at high speed on almost any substrate. Resin prints are also far more durable than wax prints, withstanding both mechanical and chemical damage. These tough ribbons yield excellent results on substrates as polyolefin, vinyl, and polyester.

Not sure about the compatibility in your printer?

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