Toro DuraTag™ (Tag Stocks)

Accomplish all your industrial tagging projects using flexible, tear-resistant tags. These Tag Stocks are made of a durable material designed to stand up to high temperatures and tough industrial environments. Simply punch a hole in the printed tag and attach it wherever needed. Easily attach tags with cable ties or chains to industrial equipment, manufacturing components, facility utilities,or even pipes. Tag Stocks are perfect for lockout/Tagout (LO/TO), equipment repair tags, valve tags, and much more.

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It’s never been easier to accomplish all your indoor and outdoor tagging projects. Customize your message and easily attach tags anywhere using cable ties or chains. This flexible, tear-resistant tag stock holds strong in high temperatures and challenging environments. Use them for lockout/Tagout tags, pipe and valve tags, and equipment I.D. tags.


  • Customize: a blank canvas to design your own tags
  • Heavy Duty: resistant to tears, moisture, UV light, and chemicals
  • Adaptable: can endure both indoor and outdoor environments


  • Thickness: 3-15 layers of high-density polyethylene
  • Min Service Temperature: ‐56°C
  • Max Service Temperature:M 93°C
  • Roll Length: 30 Meters

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