Premium Wax-Resin Ribbon GODEX 450m on 25.4mm core

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GODEX GWR 765 premium wax-resin ribbon

this wax-resin grade contains more resin than our GWR 745 does, it requires slightly more heat and prints perfectly up to 10ips. Recommended substrates are a.o. glossy paper, pre-coloured labels and synthetic label stock, including the more “difficult” ones. Thanks to its perfect density, smear and scratch resistance

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  • Available widths: 60mm,80mm,110mm,152mm and 450m on the roll on a core of 25.4mm (1″) core
  • Ink Type Resin: Wax-resin
  • TPH Compatibility: Flathead
  • Ink melting point: 73°C / 163,4°F
  • Printing speed: Up to 10ips
  • Base film material; thickness PET; 4.5μ ± 0.1μ
  • Ink thickness: 3.0μ ± 0.2μ
  • Total thickness:7.7μ ± 0.3μ
  • Colour: Black

Recommended Substrates:Uncoated and coated papers, glossy paper, UV varnished labels,
flood-coated paper, synthetic paper, polypropylene, polyethylene,
Kimdura®, Valeron®, polyester, BOPP.

Compatible Printers

  • Godex: EZ2250i, EZ2350i, ZX1200(X)i/1300(X)i/1600(X)i
  • Zebra: Zebra ZT230, ZT411, ZT510, ZT610, Xi series

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