Permanent Autoclave RFID Thermal transfer label 50.8 x 25.4mm

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High temperature-resistant permanent labels for the identification of various containers and surfaces that undergo autoclaving and dry heat sterilization. Temperature ranges from -60°C to +150°C. The labels can be applied to metal, plastic, and glass surfaces and withstand 20 autoclave sterilization cycles at 121°C  and 16.5psi pressure. The labels and the printout can withstand high-temperature exposures as well as gamma irradiation (up to 50 KGy) and ethylene oxide sterilization. Ideal for identification of containers and surfaces that need to be sterilized inside autoclaves, dry-heat sterilizing equipment, and gamma irradiators. Waterproof, weatherproof, thermal-transfer printable.


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RFID technology has been incorporated into autoclave-resistant thermal-transfer labels to make a UHF RFID label. It's suitable for the identification of various containers and surfaces that undergo steam and dry heat sterilization. RFID Steri-ThermoTAG™ labels are robust UHF RFID labels designed for autoclave procedures. They combine printed visual information with encoded RFID data, making them an appealing solution for RFID identification. And also for tracking sterilized consumables, devices, and containers.

These flexible RFID labels have a permanent adhesive, suitable for direct application onto curved or flat plastic and glass surfaces. They withstand multiple autoclave sterilization cycles (+121°C/+250°F, 16.5psi pressure, 20 minutes). They are well suited for identifying single-use medical devices or surgical and dental tools placed in sterilization pouches, as well as labware. Ideal for GMP and GLP operations, sterilization of drugs and reagents, and wherever autoclave logging is required to comply with regulations.


Autoclave-Resistant Thermal-Transfer Labels

  • Size: 50.8mm x 25.4mm
  • Label across: 1
  • Available colors: White
  • Labels/roll: 1000
  • Core: 25mm or 76mm
  • Perforation: Yes
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Temperature range: From -60°C to +150°C

The upper point temperature might slightly vary depending on the duration of the exposure.


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