Nicelabel 10 Powerforms Suite (5 printers)

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For small or medium-sized businesses where operators print labels, accuracy is critical and productivity is important.

  • unlimited users, 5 printers


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The NiceLabel PowerForms Suite version of Nicelabel is ideal for companies that want to design and print complex labels in a controlled way.

With PowerForms Suite you can not only design the print screen yourself, but you can also develop interactive applications for your customized labeling solutions.
A number of applications are included, such as solutions for printing GHS labels, food labels with allergens and nutritional values, Point of Sale labels, and retail labels.

In addition to developing your own labeling solutions, Automation Builder Easy allows you to automatically capture data from your business software and print it through your own label designs.


  • Easy to use
  • Database connections possible
  • Integrate with business software based on CSV, TAB, and NiceLabel JOB/XML files
  • Development environment for labeling solutions Built-in PDF support
  • Links to external equipment such as scales
  • Unlimited installations with printer-based license

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