Evolis Badgy 200

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Evolis presents the Badgy200 solution, designed to help you print professional-quality color badges with perfect ease. A complete solution that is economical and easy to use, Badgy200 fulfills all your needs for graphic personalization and instant card production, as single cards or in small batches.

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A complete card printing solution

Badgy provides you with a turnkey solution, for a PC or Mac, consisting of a plastic card printer, the Evolis Badge Studio card personalization software, and a pack of consumables (color ribbon and blank plastic cards) for 100 prints.

Printing on demand

Badgy200 allows you to print your own cards instantly and completely independently. Print your badges as you need them – as single cards or in small batches.

Saving time

Badgy200 has an output of 95 color cards per hour. You can also import data from a database, adding information to your card designs in a single click, and launch a print run of your badges with one command, including variable data.


  • Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/Resin thermal transfer
  • Single-sided printing, edge-to-edge
  • Printing resolution: 260×300 dpi printing
  • 2 million colors
  • 16 MB RAM

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