Primera LX910 Ink (Dye and Pigment)

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Tri-color dye-based ink includes Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow in a single cartridge. By mixing all three colors it prints black as well. For use with the LX910 Color Label Printers.


Questions about this product?

Should I buy pigment-based inks or dye-based inks?

Dye inks are absorbed by the substrate (paper, vinyl, polypropylene... etc). They give very vibrant colors, but colors are fading easier and tend to bleed in when in contact with water. You can use dye-based inks when your labels will be used indoors only and when they don't get in contact with water or other liquids.

Pigment inks are layered on top of the substrate. They have better resistance to UV light and abrasions and they can better withstand water and other liquids.

So to wrap up! Use dye inks for short-term indoor labels that don't get in contact with liquids. Use pigment inks for outdoor labels or labels with a longer life expectancy.

Primera LX910 Full-color label printer


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