Premium Vinyl 175 mm wide

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This popular multipurpose supply is perfect for a variety of labeling tasks in any industry. The flexible, yet durable vinyl adapts to many different surfaces and work environments. Use it for all your general safety and facility labeling. Contact us to order custom colors to fit your needs. Need a wider tape? DL9000 Premium Vinyl 200 mm wide


Questions about this product?

  • Indoor and outdoor use: supply holds strong in a range of temperatures and surfaces indoors and out.
  • Multipurpose: customize labels for a variety of uses like general facility safety signs, pipe markers, and 5S labels.
  • Calendered vinyl and strong adhesive: durable material resists damage from UV light, moisture, and most chemicals to keep labels intact and legible in a variety of work environments.


  • Outdoor Life: up to 5-6 years
  • Thickness: 3.0 mil film, 1.0 mil adhesive
  • Min Service Temperature: ‐40°C
  • Max Service Temperature: 93°C
  • Application Temperature: 5°C
  • Shelf Life (Unused): 1 year
  • Tape width: 175mm
  • Tape length: 21


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