BarTender Enterprise Edition

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For businesses that operate in regulated industries, span multiple locations, or need centralized control of their label design and printing operations, BarTender label design software Enterprise Edition provides comprehensive enterprise-wide printing with centralized management, workflow orchestration and revision control, auditing, web and mobile printing, always-on high-availability and added security.


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Secure anywhere, anytime internet printing

  • Secure printing from any operating system or device
  • Browser-based printing with no local client or app installed on the remote user’s system — the user never accesses your network
  • Online approvals enable full and immediate printing control
  • Comprehensive security with TSL/encryption and role-based access
  • Driverless printing — no printer drivers are required on the server
  • Print to PDF support
  • Print Portal REST API to automate tasks and integrate with other applications

Faster label design, approval, and publishing

  • Drag and drop visual Workflow Designer
  • Increase label document QA and team accountability
  • Track the status of label files from start to finish
  • Configurable email notifications for each document state, approval, and transition

Centralized document storage and management

  • The librarian document management system provides a secure central repository of label templates and documents
  • File check-in and check-out processes prevent users from overwriting each other's changes
  • Revision control and audit trail to track and manage the entire organization's label templates
  • Access control to allow or limit access to templates and documents
  • Phrase Library for building multi-lingual text database with Auto-Translate and TMX file support

Comprehensive security and auditable processes

  • Secure document access with role-based security and user permissions
  • Require an electronic signature (or user login credentials) before users can perform actions
  • Fully encrypt templates to stop unauthorized access, sharing, or distribution
  • Printing access control
  • Log and detect unauthorized document or application access attempts

Powerful integration to virtually any business system

  • Integrate with mission-critical business systems and data sources including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, Körber, Epicor, NetSuite, and more
  • Tested and proven in the most demanding enterprise environments
  • Support for advanced web-enabled printing, document management, and workflow integration with Print Portal REST and Librarian API
  • Build custom web application integrations using BarTender REST API to automate label printing

BarTender’s most full-featured edition

  • Includes all the features in BarTender label design software Automation Edition including diverse support for over 20 major databases and data file types along with flexible integration for broad interoperability


  • Enable multiple users to print labels from any networked PC
  • Centralized management
  • Provides centralized print management tools for printers
  • Centrally manage documents
  • Centralize a data field and share it between BarTender documents and workstations
  • Build your own library of standard multi-lingual text including auto-translate and TMX export/import
  • Automatically redirect to another printer in the event of printer failure


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