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Duralabel Printers

Duralabel Toro/Bronco Thermal transfer Printer


  • Print anywhere: includes a fold-out QWERTY keyboard, 23 cm color LCD touchscreen, wireless mouse, and (optional) battery for three hours of continuous printing.
  • Choice of label width: design and print 12mm to 100mm  custom labels.
  • Easy-to-use software: design software and print drivers come preloaded on the machine with no setup required. Design custom labels in seconds for a wide variety of industrial applications including OSHA compliance, 5S, arc flash, pipe marking, GHS/HazCom, wire marking, asset management, and much more. Comes with hundreds of templates and a comprehensive library of over 1,800 safety symbols.
  • Hassle-free setup: software and print drivers are preinstalled--no IT support required.
  • Wide variety of supplies: choose from 40+ industrial-strength application-specific supplies in dozens of colors.

Duralabel Kodiak large format 2 color printer


  • Print large signs: design and print signs from 100mm- 254mm wide and up to 2.4 meter long.
  • Multi-color output: multi-color print capability for color-coded signs, OSHA/ANSI signs with headers, and GHS/HazCom 2012 chemical labels.
  • Standalone workstation: use the 9” touchscreen and wireless QWERTY keyboard to easily design and print your signs or labels anywhere there’s a power outlet.
  • Powerful software: easily design custom labels and signs for a variety of industrial applications, including OSHA compliance, GHS/HazCom 2012 chemical labeling, wayfinding, pipe marking, arc flash warnings, and more. Includes a library of over 1,500 standardized symbols.
  • Hassle-free setup: self-contained system includes preinstalled software—no IT support required.
  • Wide variety of supplies: choose between single-color and multi-color supply stock and over 30 application-specific supplies.
  • Fast printing: increase your productivity with a print speed of 50mm per second and an automatic cutter, with no drying time for printed labels.
  • Network connectivity: connect to a wireless network for free software updates and remote database access.
  • High-resolution: print bold easy-to-read signs and labels at 300 dpi.
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Lifetime support: receive free support for the life of your product.