Lockout tagout Saves Lives!

Safety Padlocks

“One Employee, One Lock, One Key”

It is important that each employee at a facility has a padlock key that is unique to them. Key charting is critical to prevent duplicate keys from entering the workplace and jeopardizing your lockout/tagout program. All padlocks are available in minimum 6 colors and all Keying options

Keying Options to fit your facility’s needs

Keyed Different (KD) – Each lock is opened by its own unique key which does not open any other lock in the set – complying with the “One lock, one employee, one key” mantra

Keyed Alike (KA) – All padlocks in the set are opened by the same key so only one key is necessary to open numerous padlocks – for employees who need many locks, they still only have one key

Master Key (MK) – A master key opens all locks within the system while each lock also has its own unique key – allows for responsible removal of improperly placed or forgotten lockouts according to your emergency notification policy

Electrical Lockout

A large amount of accidents happen because the electrical power is not properly locked out! In the shop you can find many LOTO Accesoiries to help you lockout breakers, plugs 

Lockout kits

Lockout Boards and kits are an ideal way of storing lockout tagout equipment easily and makes it highly visible.

Our lockout boards hold anything from work permits, cable lockouts, safety lockout hasps, valves and padlocks. Determining the best placement for the lockout station is crucial to ensuring an efficient lockout-tagout program.

There are many benefits associated with using a lockout boards. Firstly, having a central location point for all lockout tagout equipment is sure to reduce time spent by workers trying to find a correct device for a machine. This time can be better exercised completing the task set out to do, improving productivity and promoting efficient operations.

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