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Collection: Laser A4 sheet labels

Cryogenic labels provided in A4 sheet format for printing with desktop laser printers. Coated with a unique cryo adhesive, the thermoplastic waterproof labels are specifically designed to permanently adhere to vials, tubes, freezer boxes, as well as polycarbonate cryo boxes and other containers that will undergo long-term deep-freeze storage or shipment on dry ice. The cryogenic tags are wear and tear proof; do not jam printers; resistant to UV and Gamma irradiation.


  • Provided in European A4 sheet format.
  • Permanent adhesion, especially on curved surfaces (vials, microtubes, etc.).
  • Withstand extreme cryogenic temperatures (-196°C in a liquid phase and vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen).
  • Printable by all major desktop laser printers.
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  • Cryo Laser 36x14mm
  • Cryo Laser 45x20mm
  • Cryo Laser 31.5 x 13mm
  • Cryo Laser 24x13mm
  • Cryo Laser 64x7mm
  • Cryo Laser 31x22mm
  • Cryo Laser A4 size