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Collection: Heat Shrink sleeves

Description: DMIL marker sleeves are designed to meet the wire and cable permanent marking needs. It is made of durable and flame retardant heat shrinkable polyolefin, and radiation cross-linked by high energy electronic beam.

Standard: AMS meets AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1&3, SAE-AS 81531, MILSTD- 202F/Method 215J, UL224, VW-1, RoHS.

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10 products
  • DMIL-M-3:1-2.4-1K-WH
  • DMIL-M-3:1-2.4-1K-YL
  • DMIL-M-3:1-3.2-1K-WH
  • DMIL-M-3:1-3.2-1K-YL
  • DMIL-M-3:1-4.8-1K-WH
  • DMIL-M-3:1-4.8-1K-YL
  • DMIL-M-3:1-6.4-1K-WH
  • DMIL-M-3:1-6.4-1K-YL
  • DMIL-M-3:1-9.5-1K-WH
  • DMIL-M-3:1-9.5-1K-YL