Get the job done with DuraLabel printers.

The industrial, thermal transfer printers are built tough to create general safety and regulatory–compliant signs and labels. From arc flash, to GHS labels, to pipe marking, DuraLabel will transform your visual communication program. Find out what DuraLabel can do for your facility.


Lobo printer

Switch it on, type, and push print—you just made a custom label. Change size and color in seconds with vinyl supply cartridges. Type easily with a full-size QWERTY keyboard. Navigate menus with the 89 mm color display. Sequenced barcodes, large or small text and more than 1,200 safety and health symbols at your fingertips. No cords needed. When fully charged, the battery provides three hours of uninterrupted printing, which equals several days of normal printing use.

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Bronco printer

Bronco shares the same SmartChip technology as Toro, which makes their supplies interchangeable. The same supply can be used for facilities that have Bronco as their stationary printer in one location, or for workers taking the IT-independent Toro anywhere they need to go. Bronco takes up the space of an A4 size paper. Including an automatic cutter, the Bronco efficiently packs a lot of functionality into its small size. Hook Bronco up to your PC or any local network computer. One click of the driver installer and you’re ready to label. 300 dpi ensures that small print is sharper and easier to read. Whether you’re printing half-inch labels, wire wraps, barcode labels or four-inch wide high-visibility signs, your message will resist chemicals, abrasion, and smears.


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Duralabel toro

The tough Toro is ready to work anywhere you are. With label supplies built for any season or surface, you can print labels to withstand blistering sun or be seen in low light. You can label surfaces from -195° to 184° Celcius. Wet surfaces, oily surfaces, dirty surfaces – you name it – even areas with harsh chemicals that make other labels streak, shrivel or dissolve .  Not only does Toro print signs and labels that are tough, bright, and clear, but also long. Using the extended print function, you can even print signs and labels from 12mm to 100 mm. Toro is easy to get started with right out of the box, thanks to its simple, user-friendly design. Not only does Toro come with its own touch screen and stylus, but also software designed to make any sign or label you need with a minimum of fuss.


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Need to make a big statement? Be seen from far and wide with the DL9000. You can print signs and labels at widths of 100, 150, 175, 200 and 225 mm high-definition 300-dpi output, at any length you need, even up to 1 meter. Using the tiling function, you can go ahead and print a billboard. The DL 9000 is suitable to for a wide varity of labelling applications. large isle labelels for warehouses or A4 size custom safety signs for food or oil and gas Industry.  The printer can be delivered with or without printstation. The printstation gives you flexibility and includes all safety signs and standards for OSHA and ANSI and has multiple applications like a pipe-marking application, GHS application, Arc flash application and much much more ….


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