Key reasons to use floor marking?

  • Organizational improvementIt reduces wasted time and energy. Identifying storage or staging areas can quickly inform new employees where things belong.

  • Lean and 5S program  – When implementing lean or 5S program. Follow the 5S floor marking color standards to maximize effectiveness.

  • Personal protection programUsing floor marking signs to let workers or visitors know certain PPE is needed in that area.

  • Placement of objects There are hundreds or even thousands of objects placed on work floors or warehouses. Things like pallets, inventory, garbage cans, fire extinguishers etc. Using floor marking can help improving productivity.

  • Traffic directionIn areas where forklift trucks or other vehicles  are driving, the floor signs act like on a normal road. they can let workers know direction and speed limit.

You can contact our team for advice and help with the selection of the appropriate floor marking tapes



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